Undercover Search

“I got drunk last night and had unprotected sex with a prostitute. Nana Street in Bangkok has its own rights. It’s impossible to say no after a few beers. I now need to get tested. Can you help me to find the HIV clinic?”

“Use Search on your phone.”

“I’m too scared to do it. The minute I type that into the search box, it’s like telling the world, or at least 10 thousand companies, that I had unprotected sex and potentially HIV. They’ll start showing me condom adverts. I need to go undercover with this search. Will you help?”

You are what you search for

Lanzarote. Puerto Del Carmen. Hotel La Geria. Room 121. Flying with a child with chickenpox – I search for some answers on my phone. 13 results. The first three are adverts of private medical clinics. The rest are search engine optimised blog posts. No information. Just commercial noise. I’m tired. My eyes are heavy. I fall asleep. Someone is banging at the door. Police! You are a risk to public safety. They force open the door. You are under arrest! I’m handcuffed on the floor. My daughter is looking at me. No, no, no daddy! Very naughty! – she says.