Lapsang souchong

It’s got a very distinct taste and smell. Not everyone likes it. When you introduced it to me I never believed I could drink it regularly. I can’t say that I do, but I definitely always have it at home. I’ve copied you. You don’t drink it regularly but it’s always there when you want it. Today you said you are now very tired with life and at 89 you want to die. What a brave decision. I guess at this age this sort of decisions come easier. The smell of Lapsang Souchong will always remind me of you.

My life is not good

I’m old. I’m tired. I’m not feeling well. My hearing is terrible. I can’t watch tv or make phone calls. I can’t read for more than 30 minutes. Most of the time I sleep while sitting on the sofa. I’m slow. Everything is taking me ages. I’m so sorry about it. I never wanted to trouble you. I’ve got so many questions. I’m concerned about my memory. I forget things. All the time. Did I say that I’m old? Life is no good. I’m too old now. I want to die. I’m ready to die.

A decade of love will do

She’s in her 60s but still tries to look to impress. Every morning she puts on her makeup and brushes her long black hair. She puts on her tight jeans and starts a day by checking her phone for messages from her friend. They mostly talk via messengers but sometimes he calls her. It’s for these occasions that she needs to look good. It’s a desperate search for love. The longer they talk on the internet, the more she is waiting for him to arrive and save her from the decades of loneliness. Even 10 years with him will do.

Woman from Santander

A Spanish painter got in touch with me. I don’t remember how. She asked me three questions; two of which were trivial but the last one was about her brain scan. I looked at it and saw changes which could indicate she had cancer. I never told her that because I was in the hospital myself. I need to advise her to see an oncologist ASAP. Can you show me a map of Spain? Yes! From Santander. Her last name was rare and consisted of two words. Can you find her? Does she exist? Or is it just my fantasy?