Difficult question

I know Lanzarote island well. I’ve been here before, mum. On my own. I remember these houses and mountains. I was picking fruit and veg – avocado, beans and cabbage. I was crying and no one came to help. I was completely on my own. I walked here from London on my own feet. Mum and dad stayed in London. I was on my own. I’m now two and a half years old and I can clearly remember it. Why did you leave me here on my own, mum? I was so little back then. And I was crying.

Tired Eastern Europeans

They are both clearly Eastern European. Her face looks tired even after using filters on Instagram. His face looks tired as well. She’s got eastern, blond hair. If she was 10kg lighter one would possibly call her sexy. He’s got a simple and brutal eastern face and is impossibly thin. They both work hard in London so this holiday in Tenerife is well deserved. They post about it on Instagram. Their tired Eastern European faces do not look good on social media. There’s the type of beauty, that should be kept private.

The day Karl Lagerfeld died

All the newspapers were shouting that Karl Lagerfeld died. We started the day with a quick breakfast – some porridge with fruit and honey. My two years old daughter had chickenpox so we took her to see the doctor. Then we went for a walk on a boulevard full of shops and restaurants along the beach. I could hear Maria Magdalena by Sandra. It always surprises me that people visit this kind of shops selling Chinese versions of branded clothes and massively overpriced rubbish NOT needed for the beach. I wonder if Karl ever thought about that? 

You are what you search for

Lanzarote. Puerto Del Carmen. Hotel La Geria. Room 121. Flying with a child with chickenpox – I search for some answers on my phone. 13 results. The first three are adverts of private medical clinics. The rest are search engine optimised blog posts. No information. Just commercial noise. I’m tired. My eyes are heavy. I fall asleep. Someone is banging at the door. Police! You are a risk to public safety. They force open the door. You are under arrest! I’m handcuffed on the floor. My daughter is looking at me. No, no, no daddy! Very naughty! – she says.

70th birthday in Puerto del Carmen

The flight and accommodation was a present from her children. She and her late husband used to take them to the island when they were little. She’s now drinking tea on her own in one of the bars by the main road. She stopped drinking alcohol a decade ago. Even African boys selling bags and toys do not approach her anymore. She has a big badge screaming ‘70 TODAY’ attached to her top. No one cares. The waiter brought her the bill for her tea. There’s no such thing as free tea for your 70th birthday in Puerto del Carmen.

African Mask

Market in Teguise. How much? – I asked pointing at a big mask. Where you from? – the African seller replied. Is the price based on nationality? – I thought. Poland – my partner replied. These cheap ones for 40 euros – he pointed at small masks. What about the big one? – I referred to my original choice. These are expensive! 120 euros! These must be just for Brits or Germans – I had another thought. How much do you give, my friend? – He clearly read my mind. 20 – I replied. My last price 40, my friend. Polish price. 120 for Brits and Germans – he added.