The coffin shoes

I bought these shoes on Amazon a few years ago but never used them – they were too big. Now you are using them. Will you wear these trainers in your coffin? Is this the last pair of shoes in your life? Do you ever think about it? Sorry for being brutal but have you chosen your coffin shoes? You said you never wanted to be cremated and wanted to be buried. You clearly need coffin shoes. My great grandmother started thinking about her coffin outfit in her 80s. It’s so sad you have to do it in your 40s.

How do you want to be buried?

Do you want to be cremated? We could offer you medicine. It extends life by three months. It’s your decision. Is it life or suffering that is being extended? You need to think about your will. Do you need one? Take your time, but you’ll also need to inform your mother, children and your ex-wife. You won’t be able to work anymore. Do you have a place to stay? You’ll need to have someone to look after you. Please make sure you make plans for it. Get in touch with Motor Neuron Disease Association. They will help you!

Can it get worse?

Born from rape. Never acknowledged by father. Brought up by a mentally unstable mother. Regularly abused by an uncle. Started working at farms at the age of eight. Worked for food. Slept in stables. Run away from home at twelve. First suicide attempt at fifteen. Dealt with by uncle with more violence. Kept a diary of physical abuse. It was burned by an aunt. Got married and had three kids – all with special needs. Went abroad and worked as a kitchen porter for ten years to support the family. Wife divorced him without explanation. Got unwell. Got diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease.