Tiredness and sleepiness

Tiredness and sleepiness are destroying my daily schedule – how do I deal with it, Master?

That’s easy! Incorporate them into your schedule! – Master replied – Plan a nap or two each day. This way instead of being blockers, they’ll become part of the schedule.

The power of small changes

Millions of people make Monday resolutions. The same happens every birthday, the first day of the month/year/New Year/Christmas. If one could stick to all these resolutions for two days on average, that would give more than 33% of the days of the year. Each Monday resolution lasting for two days gives 104 days a year. If you can also do two days at the beginning of each month that adds another 24 days. Finally, we need to add another 6 days for birthdays, New Year and Christmas resolutions. In total this is134 days, 37% of the year.